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Logistics Search Engine & Truck Matching Technology Saves Time & Money

If you’re into logistics technology, these are very exciting times. The trucking industry is entering the biggest era of technology-driven change since desktop computers and the Internet reshaped business in the ‘90s. Now, search engine and truck matching technologies are here to eliminate the inefficiencies that corrode supply chains and hinder the ability of businesses to grow.

Transportation Industry Tech Needs An Update

Truck matching will transform and improve the logistics and transportation industries

Inefficiency is typically the primary culprit in driving up logistics costs for both shippers and truck freight brokers. The old model—phone calls, email, paperwork—is still used by many companies, but is time-consuming and costly. With the industry moving towards a more tech-savvy approach, it makes sense that companies should strive to take advantage of all technology can offer.

How Truck Matching Tech Helps the Logistics Industry

Electronic logging devices, trucker apps, and GPS systems have all become part of daily life for logistics professionals. Truck matching will complete the logistics industry’s transformation into a tech-first vertical. Truck matching promises two major improvements for the logistics industry. First, freight will be matched with pre-qualified carriers. Consequently, deadhead and empty backhaul miles will get filled. This means that all parties save time and resources.

Traditionally, matching has been handled by third parties. Think about using a matchmaker to find a romantic partner, or using a broker to fill empty truck space. Before, networks and connections were constricted by the people you already knew. Taking the time to learn if an opportunity fit your needs was time-consuming and a large pain point. Shippers and brokers called leads blindly; most leads were not qualified which meant large amounts of time and resources were being spent qualifying the leads themselves.

Dating apps introduced matching & revolutionized an industry, much as matching will revolutionize logistics





Dating was revolutionized by matching apps and services–think of Tinder’s right-swiping, OK Cupid’s profiles, Farmers Only’s pre-filtered lists of partners. Truck matching is revolutionizing the logistics industry in exactly the same way. Truck matching technology enables shippers and freight brokers to search lists of compatible leads in real-time. Shippers can instantly click on contact info for available capacity leads, which come with a carrier’s FMCSA safety rating and credentials.

Thus, through its focus on more efficiency and the creation of new relationships between shippers and carriers, truck matching will spread benefits to every professional working in logistics.