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Best Electronic Logbook Apps for Truck Drivers

Following a 2015 DOT ruling, all truckers will be required to maintain an electronic logging device (ELD) to keep records of duty status. This regulation will go into effect in December 2017, so if you’re not already using an ELD, now is the time to begin looking for the best logbook app.

All truck drivers will need electronic logging devices in their cabs by the end of 2017.

ELDs must offer certain functions to be in compliance with the new regulation. They must automatically capture time and location, engine run-time/HOS compliance, mileage, and driver identification. All ELDs must store supporting documents, too. Your ELD must also be able to transfer this information through USB, Bluetooth, e-mail, or an app-based service.

It is important to note that ELDs are not required to continuously track driver location in real time. Some companies may require real-time tracking of their truck drivers, but it is not mandated by the new DOT rule.

With all of these stipulations, it can be confusing trying to find a DOT-compliant electronic logbook app for truckers who need to upgrade or obtain an ELD. If your truck did not come with a built-in ELD, then you may want to consider a mobile app for truck drivers. These logbook apps connect to a simple device plugged into your EGM (engine control module).

Using an app with a small hardware plugin can save you money over having to purchase a separate, tablet-like ELD device. Using your own mobile devices also tends to be faster and more intuitive.

Here is our list of the best logbook app options currently on the market.


With over 10,000 reviews as a logbook app for Android, Keep Truckin’s 4.8 rating is impressive. Its ability to warn truckers of impending violations can save time, money and hassle.

Keep Truckin’s interface is well-known for being easy and quick to use. The app also allows easier edits of data compared to its competitors, which can be crucial to avoiding unnecessary violation warnings.

The KT app offers a nifty countdown feature to ensure truckers stay HOS-compliant. Your daily and weekly remaining drive time are clear>y displayed.

2. BigRoad

Big Road Electronic Logging Device App

Big Road is another highly rated electronic logbook app for truckers. With over 8,000 reviews, the Big Road trucker app maintains a 4.6 rating for its robust set of features. From GPS directions to truck-friendly hotels, Big Road does it all.

One of Big Road’s biggest drawbacks is its inaccurate automatic duty status feature. Truckers warn others to not rely on Big Road to turn on and off duty status by itself, so always double check your status manually.

When it comes to an effective electronic logbook app for truckers, the software must make allowances for varying industry regulations. Big Road has received some criticism for its limited flexibility. Unique industry rules may allow more on-duty hours, but Big Road will still issue violation warnings based on a one-size-fits-all rule.

On the plus side, Big Road does have excellent customer service and will even walk you through set-up over the phone.

Simple Truck ELD App

Simple Truck ELD is an up-and-coming app for truck drivers from a company that previously specialized in simplifying trucker taxes.

We like Simple Truck for its no-contract approach to ELD service. They also have a generous 15% discount for veterans. However, this app is still in beta, so there will be bugs to work out. Early subscribers can receive a great deal for providing useful feedback in these early stages.

Whether you use a traditional ELD or an app-based device, you must have your system installed and running by December 16, 2017.

Despite some industry pushback, most truckers are finding their new, paperless logbook to be far superior to old school record-keeping. Using an electronic logbook app for truckers certainly makes DOT compliance easier and faster than ever before.