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Who Is HaulHound For

For Owner-Operators & Carriers

Promote your current and future capacity and backhauls to fill empty trucks and earn more profits.

For Shipping Managers

Find empty trucks from reliable carriers to get your shipments where they need to be - at the best price for you.

For Brokers

Search our large marketplace of load boards and book reliable carriers to ship your load - filter by location, truck size, price and more.

Why HaulHound

Quickly Find Trustworthy Carriers & Loads

Search from thousands of vetted and reliable carriers & loads to instantly find, sort, and book with the carrier of your choice.

Guaranteed Pricing & No-Hidden Fees

What the carrier or truck invoices say once you confirm is the price you pay - with ZERO fees from HaulHound. Use ExpressPay (EFF) to get paid right away!

Instant Freight Matching

Search for or get notified of the best on-demand backhaul rates from available trucks to get your shipments out when you need them, without breaking the bank.

Dispatch Management

Ensure your freight gets delivered on-time with GPS spot location tracking and communication between drivers and dispatch.

Customizable Online Solutions

Help your small business thrive by using HaulHound to customize your own website with company logo, and have one online tool to keep all important documents and billing.

Perform Advanced Searches

Instantly search by specific criteria - find the right truck, ship local or long-haul, get the best price all tailored to your needs.

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