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Our Digital Freight Matching app lets you post your current and future capacity. Aggregating logistics info on empty trucks from numerous sources direct from carriers, smart phone apps, and load boards, HaulHound functions as the most dynamic free loadboard solution available.

Sign up, view up-to-the-minute loads, post your current and upcoming capacity, manage your lanes and wait for shippers and brokers to contact you about shipping at the rate you posted!

Wherever you are in the US or Canada, we have the reefer loads you want on the freight lanes you need!

Our trucker-focused reverse loadboard app fills all the functions of traditional reefer loadboards–and more!

  • Post capacity and get loaded INSTANTLY— no need to spend time searching loadboards!
  • Specify the exact size of reefer freight you can carry
  • Support for Full Truck Load (FTL) & Less Than Truck Load (LTL) freight
  • Reefer loads available in Texas, Florida, California, Georgia, Louisiana, Washington, New Mexico, Arkansas, Wisconsin, BC & everywhere else!

If you’re an independent owner-operator or fleet manager with reefers looking for available loads, you’ve found them!

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All of us at HaulHound want you to Start Trucking Faster. That’s why we created our app to connect you with whoever has the right load for your van, hassle-free. Please remember, most freight providers that contact you will require the following:

  • Proof of Authority
  • Insurance docs, such as cargo insurance or liability insurance
  • Proof of W-4
  • Some shippers may require safety and vehicle inspection scores
  • Be prepared to provide references and/or sign a contract to begin hauling freight

Satisfied HaulHound Customers

“I have been waiting for something like this…I set it…And focus on transporting my load safely from point A to B…Shippers compete for my business.”

Carmani L. | Owner Operator Truck Driver | 3bl

“I am able to ship more loads because I have access to HaulHound’s large open network and quickly find capacity I don’t have..Makes life easier.”

Thomas M. | Director of Dispatch and Intermodel | Freight Management

“HaulHound is a free tool that acts as a time and money-saving device for both shippers and truckers.”

NewsWatch on Discovery Channel

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