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HaulHound Products & Services for Carriers & Shippers


Search carriers, owner-operators, load boards, and various other technologies, in one place, at one time.

  • HaulHound aggregates information from a multitude of logistics technology sources to help shippers find the best deal on an easy to use interface
  • Available capacity and empty backhauls are collected to a unified marketplace where carriers and owner-operators deal directly with shippers and brokers
  • Gain real-time marketplace transparency by seeing all available excess capacity, allowing for the best prices, without having to pay a subscription or service fee


Algorithms instantly find, consolidate, and sort truck information from hundreds of sources simultaneously.

  • Integrate your system with ours to automatically upload and update your available trucks, removing manual posting and un-posting to numerous sites
  • Leverage our instant onboarding technology to eliminate the verification waiting time during the onboarding process.
  • Connect with brokers, shippers, carriers, and owner-operators instantly, reducing unnecessary back and forth

Shipping Simplified

Book directly with the carrier or truck driver of choice

  • Simply search our marketplace for the best deals with full transparency
  • Reduce time spent searching for available truck space
  • Access to full safety rating scores and trucker feedback for peace of mind
  • Ability to post your minimum rate – no haggling
  • Refine your search to eliminate unnecessary communication