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Freight Bill Factoring FAQs

What are freight bill factoring services?

After a load has been dropped off, a creditworthy freight bill can be exchanged for immediate cash. With HaulHound & EFF, this will happen within twenty-four hours after the freight bill is presented to EFF. This way, you are able to get cash out of your invoices several weeks before the shipper pays the invoice. All this, for only 1-5% of your invoice!

How do load factoring services benefit my company?

Factoring is a cash flow tool. With factoring, you get cash nearly immediately and your factoring company does the waiting--so you have a steady cash flow and the surety that you will meet your short- and long-term business obligations. Besides other benefits, you are freed up to focus on doing the things needed to grow your business, while the factoring company handles collections and credit management.

What are the requirements to apply for freight factoring?

Complete our online application and then upload your supporting information:

  • Copy of Driver’s License
  • Copy of Articles of Incorporation/Organization
  • Copy of Operating Authority
  • Copy of Insurance Certificate

We will process your application within 1-2 hours. Once approved, we send you our Factoring Agreement to be signed. After signing, we will get to work on your invoices!

I only have one truck. Is my freight invoice eligible for factoring?

As long as you have your own motor carrier authority and the loads have been tendered directly to your company, we are more than happy to factor your freight bills.

How long does it take to get set up?

It depends on how quickly you submit a completed application. However, typically the process from application to funding occurs within 24 hours.

Any more info for me?

Check out the full FAQ from Express Freight Finance.