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HaulHound Releases Desktop Platform, Bringing Greater Transparency to the Transportation Industry

September 25, 2017

HaulHound furthered its mission to bring simplicity, efficiency and transparency into the transportation industry with the release of its new desktop platform with a load board.
The desktop app, which aims to connect independent owner-operators, brokers and shippers, integrates seamlessly with HaulHound’s mobile app. While HaulHound remains driver-focused, the new platform represents co-founder and truck driver Chris
Faltin’s vision of making freight-finding easier for America’s hard-working drivers.

“We got tons of feedback from drivers that they loved the concept, they loved what the app represented, but that it still needed a little more,” Chris said. “So we looked at the drawing board and said, how can we make this simpler? The answer we came
to was that we needed to integrate shippers and brokers into the process more, and extending the app to include a desktop platform and load board was the most natural way to do that.”

Now, HaulHound data, which encompasses much of America’s freight and trucks, can be viewed through two distinct but interconnected filters: ‘Find Trucks’ and ‘Find Loads’. Additionally, shippers and brokers can post loads faster than ever, and drivers
now benefit from an easier experience posting trucks from desktop computers.

Director Josh Breger explained that the new posting and visibility features were designed to be as fast as possible—indeed, the HaulHound team believes that time needed to find freight has been cut down by 200%. “Before, drivers spent up to a minute
on the app, posting to see what freight was available. We now allow users to view all loads and filter them as needed in addition to posting your available trucks. This also makes the app more useful for dispatch teams.”

Chris and Josh were both clear, the journey to bringing simplicity and transparency to the transportation industry is not over—the platform is in open beta. “We heard driver feedback, and as a former driver and transportation veterans, we worked hard
to improve our product. That feedback is crucial to what makes HaulHound unique, and that’s why we settled on an open beta. HaulHound exists for drivers. That’s what makes it so special.”