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How Technology in Trucking Levels the Road for Men and Women

At HaulHound, one of our goals is to level the playing field to ensure that everyone has an equal shot at success. Recent improvements in the trucking industry have paved the way for both men and women to succeed, making this goal for equality a tangible reality. Here are a few examples:

Driving truck is a great job for women
Technology levels the playing field in the logistics & transportation industries

  • 1. Wage Equality

    In many other industries, women typically have to fight tooth and nail to get comparable wages to their male counterparts. Miles are money regardless of gender in trucking. The time you spend behind the wheel equals the money you make. It’s that simple.

  • 2. Company Performance

    Technology, like our reverse loadboard, has increased the speed which many logistics companies operate. The American Trucking Association (ATA) estimates that there is currently a shortage of 48,000 truck drivers nationwide. Thus, there is incentive for companies to hire as many drivers as possible to haul loads. Adding equal amounts of women and men to a workforce greatly increases the candidate pool a company can select from, thereby streamlining their hiring process so they can dedicate more attention to the road and hauling loads.

  • 3. Women-Friendly Truck Cabs

    For decades, truck cabs have been designed to fit the larger frame of a man. Now, with more women taking to the trucking industry than ever before, companies are making cabs which accommodate women. Some modifications include height and placement of cab step lines and handles, height of the seatbelt, and electric or hydraulic hood lifts; as well as other trucker-focused technological updates.

  • 4. No-Touch Freight

    Before modern conveniences, trucking required drivers to help load their own trucks. No-touch freight allows truckers to dock and have someone else load their trailer via pallet-jacks or forklifts. This both saves time, physical energy and prevents the risk of driver injury.

Women have played a significant role in the trucking industry over the years as dispatchers and other supporting roles. Now with more women taking to the road, the industry has more drivers available to haul more freight with greater frequency, as well as spread the number of hours on the road amongst drivers to reduce the extensive drive times and hazardous working conditions—a win-win for everyone!