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Supporting Large Fleets, One Truck At A Time

HaulHound genuinely benefits both shippers and trucking companies — within the trucking company segment we are beneficial to both the owner operator and large fleets—and that’s the way we intend to keep it. Whether you’re a small fleet or a gigantic conglomerate, HaulHound offers you the same exceptional service, FREE of charge. By doing so, our services drastically reduce wasted time and effort spent managing posts on multiple websites for the best deal—something everyone will appreciate.
Transportation Management Solutions for Large Fleets

Efficiency & TMS Systems

HaulHound seamlessly integrates with the Transportation Management Systems (TMS) of large fleets.  Posting and un-posting available capacity is done automatically and in real time based on the rules that are set.  Large fleets no longer need to manage their own TMS and then manually enter in data into numerous sites.  There is no human intervention needed to update information.


Direct Freight Connections for Large Fleets

One of the best ways that HaulHound benefits large fleets is by displaying their capacity —  especially their empty backhauls — directly to both brokers and shippers on HaulHound.com.  Once the shipper has decided to book with the large fleet, HaulHound will allow the large fleet to decide if they want the buyer to be redirected to their company website to finishing the purchasing process or have the buyer call their dispatch directly.  HaulHound does not act as an intermediary in communication in order to collect fees.


Passive Income Streams for Commercial Fleets

Because of the integration and automation directly from the large fleets directly to the other side of the market through HaulHound, there is no active involvement needed by the large fleets for revenue to be generated.  Moreover — because there is no fee or cost — any revenue generated passively with HaulHound is simply incremental income.


Harness A TMS & Expand Your Growth Potential

Large fleets still dream of expanding even after they’ve become giants. HaulHound’s services create an immense opportunity for growth, even for those already large businesses.  Just like any other business, time is money in the trucking industry. The less time a company spends trying to fill excess capacity and empty backhauls, the more time is left for their operations to grow and succeed.

Use HaulHound’s brand to grow yours even further and cement your leadership in the market by showing up in our search listing more times than others.  Leads and impressions are generated to a targeted base looking specifically to Find and Fill Empty Trucks. And again, all this is at no cost.