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How HaulHound Has Transformed Loadboards

Traditional loadboards have been instrumental in paving the way for carriers to find loads. On the other hand, HaulHound’s free reverse loadboard offers access to one of the largest and most transparent logistics marketplaces in the world. Overdrive describes this as ‘flipping the script’: “Owner-operators and carriers post details about their truck, their capacity and their desired lanes, and shippers and brokers then search for capacity.”

HaulHound aggregates capacity information from a multitude of logistics technology sources to help shippers find the best deal on an easy-to-use interface. Available capacity and empty backhauls are collected in a unified marketplace where carriers and owner operators deal directly with shippers and brokers. HaulHound provides its users real-time marketplace transparency by listing all available excess capacity at the best prices, without having to pay a subscription or service fee.

Created for the Shipper and the Carrier

HaulHound was created by some of the brightest minds in the transportation and logistics industry. As a business, we understand that standardizing costs can be the make-or-break element of any company. That’s why our system only shows you best leads in real-time, allowing our users to select the right fit for their job.  This platform benefits both shippers and carriers because we have eliminated the time-consuming process of searching multiple on-line loadboards and calling through rolodexes. By saving time, shippers and carriers are generating the opportunity to conduct more business and increase revenue.

HaulHound–founded by a third-generation trucker and a logistics manager who specialized in shipping–has the continuous goal of simplifying the process and spreading benefits across the industry. These industry veterans crossed the aisle to build a platform that addresses inefficiencies. For example, there are 20 billion empty miles driven in North America every year–yet 84% of shippers say they need more than one intermediary because they can’t access empty trucks in one single network. By being a single open platform that opens the door to filling these empty miles, compounded with the fact that HaulHound’s service is exclusively free, a better quality of life is possible for all involved in the transportation and logistics industry.