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Best Truck Driving Companies for United States Military Veterans

To our former and present military servicemen and women, we say, Thank You For Your Service!


Here at HaulHound, we believe in supporting and encouraging truck driving jobs for veterans. Our goal is to show our appreciation by helping you find high-paying veteran trucking jobs that suit your skills and support your family.

HaulHound supports military vets, and is so proud to be in an industry that provides them great jobs!

In 2015, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration provided a $2.3 million grant to help returning military members transition into a civilian job as part of a ‘troops to trucks’ campaign. Since then, the number of military friendly trucking companies has skyrocketed.

As it turns out, veterans and trucking go together like the All-American peanut butter and jelly sandwich (which, by the way was largely popularized by World War II soldiers trying to make the most of their rations.) Let’s face it: trucking is the backbone of the American economy, and as a vet, you may already have all the skills you need to contribute this essential service to the nation while providing a comfortable life for you and your family.

Trucking companies love veterans because they have a can-do attitude, an indefatigable work ethic, and red-blooded, patriotic pride in their work. And truth be told, veterans are almost perfectly crafted during their time of service for the similar demands of trucking. That’s why trucking companies are now fighting for the best candidates, offering better and better benefits specifically designed for vets.

Truckers need grit and both mental and physical stamina. They need to work independently and often in isolation while still maintaining a team-oriented attitude. They need to be able to handle some time away from home, though many veteran friendly trucking companies offer strict regional work that allows you to spend more time with your family. Veteran truckers are also able to rely on their training in situational awareness to stay alert and reactive, making them some of the safest truckers on the road.

Military veterans are some of the best truckers on the road!

If you drove any type of heavy vehicle in your time of service, you may already have a leg up. Your military CDL allows you to waive the civilian CDL skills test. A history of working with hazardous materials may also help you qualify for higher paying loads.

Even if you don’t have military drive time, many of the best truck driving companies for veterans offer weeks- or months-long training programs that may be covered by your G.I. Bill benefits. These military apprenticeship programs for trucking allow you to earn a stipend while you learn your new skill.

To help make things easier, we’ve compiled the following list of companies that are best known for their long-standing or up-and-coming vet programs.

Our List of the Best Trucking Companies That Happily Hire Veterans

CRST Trucking

This veteran friendly trucking company offers a special $500 sign-on bonus for military vets in addition to the traditional sign-on bonuses. They also pay credit for your time served and can honor G.I. Bills with $900-$1200 per month in tax-free income.

CRST also offers a military apprenticeship program for trucking, which they claim offers the “Best Veterans Pay Package in the industry.” The apprenticeship offers educational credit for time served and will boost mileage pay from 25 cents to 38 cents per mile.


Averitt is dedicated to seeking out military service members before they’ve even completed their duties. That’s how badly they want you. Averitt boasts several awards for being veteran-friendly, including one from the Department of Defense’s Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve.

At Averitt, they determine your amount of driving experience before placing you through a one to five week paid refresher course, making this one of the quickest transition programs in the industry if you have prior driving experience.

C.R. England

One of America’s oldest refrigerated carriers now offers a tuition-free training program to help our military service members make an easy transition into civilian work. C.R England’s owner has made it a mission to increase the number of veteran truckers they employ each year.

What sets C.R. England apart is it veteran career counseling. This program help vets like you choose which routes and schedules work best for you and your family. They can even help set up team driving so you can receive extra training—and cash—right away.

Celadon Trucking

This trucking company says it “thrives” on its military veterans’ experience and skill set. They offer an extensive 12-month apprenticeship program that honors G.I. Benefits, which allows extra pay while you train. With Celadon Trucking, you can start with zero experience, earn your CDL, and then transition seamlessly into full-time working. Celadon specializes in team driving long distances for higher earnings.

New Penn

This regional trucking company specializes in next-day deliveries and offers opportunities in the Northeastern U.S.

New Penn is still building up its veterans program, which is not quite as elaborate yet as the ones mentioned above. However, they do specialize in local deliveries, so if you live in their area, you will be home with your family more.

Schneider National

The Schneider apprenticeship program is also linked with the G.I. Bill and allows up to $1236 per month in extra income for doing on-the-job training. They have a tuition reimbursement program that offers up to $6,000 toward your driving school tuition. They are also pros at dealing with reservists who have drill and active duty obligations. With Schneider National, your military rank can also be used to obtain a higher seniority. This veteran friendly trucking company prides itself in 75% of its workforce being home weekly or better.