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Getting to Know HaulHound Founder Andy Kim

Today we’re giving you a peek behind the curtain with the founder behind our revolutionary logistics software, Andy Kim. We’ll share with you how his free, one-stop, logistics search engine software HaulHound came to be, as well share with you the wealth of experience and knowledge behind this essential app.  Andy also shares some insight into fundraising and tips on sourcing angel investors for your startup.

Andy Kim, Founder of HaulHound, as Interviewed by Radio Nemo

Q: Why did you found HaulHound?

A: We founded HaulHound to modernize, enhance, and simplify the logistics process. Our founders combine for over 50 years of experience as logistics managers, software developers (in logistics), and as owner operators. We saw a tremendous opportunity to improve an inefficient process from start to finish through technology.

Our mission is to organize logistics information from online technologies, making it easily accessible and cost effective for anyone to Find And Fill Empty Trucks. HaulHound is the FREE, one-stop, logistics search engine to meet the shipping needs of today’s businesses, brokers, and truckers who are searching for the best deal. With one simple click, HaulHound’s users will search numerous logistics sources at the same time to compare availability, prices, and any other information needed for empty truck hauls.

Q: How much customizing and research did you do before you came to the market?

A: After much time researching, formulating, and creating a solution, we then customized our technology through user test subjects and live testing over the past year.  It helped that my partners and I have deep roots in the logistics and transportation industry.  We were able to draw upon three generations of truck driver knowledge, management expertise in supply chain management and transportation, and direct experience developing software for one of the largest logistics companies in the world.

Q: What gave you the passion for this type of software? Are you a tech guy or a shipping logistics guy? Both?

A: Both – I specialize in shipping logistics and have always worked with and promoted using cost effective technology to enhance supply chains and help eliminate errors.

I managed logistics operations and implemented new logistics hubs nationally with barcode scanning software that could order and track shipments electronically through an online customer portal.

I also implemented warehouse management software to maximize space, streamline restocking, optimize the reorder cycle, and provide electronic data visibility into the supply chain.

My certification and consulting background in LEAN Six Sigma made the major inefficiencies and waste within the current process of finding available logistics capacity even more apparent.   This is where my passion lies. I love finding best practices and enhancements to improve processes through either eliminating waste or reducing variation.

Q: What criteria did you use to iterate the HaulHound model?

A: A very simple one… can we make or do something better to save our users time and money.

Q: Is there much competition in this space? If so how does HaulHound differ from its competition?

A: The logistics technology space is very hot right now with a lot of investment and new companies coming up. This is great for HaulHound and one of the main reasons we believe it is the best time to launch. I don’t consider current traditional sources & new technology sources direct competition; instead, they are all potential inputs/partners of HaulHound. Our mission, again, is to collect and organize all the different technologies used into one platform so one doesn’t have to check multiple sites and resources to find the best deal. HaulHound allows its users to search from numerous and various empty truck sources simultaneously. Additionally, we are aggregating tools that enable both local and national shipments.

HaulHound is unique in that it is free! There is no additional membership fee or charge to search or post. For instance, HaulHound happily sends users directly into our trucking partners online purchase processing site to complete transactions thereby removing any doubt that HaulHound does not charge a booking/service fee on top to the shipper. Furthermore, HaulHound has the capability to Auto-Onboard and verify companies instantly making the carrier on-boarding process fast and convenient.

Q: For all the entrepreneurs out there, what are your thoughts on fundraising, VC, startups, accelerators, and angels? What’s the best route?

A: I believe the best route is to fund your company yourself until you have a working and tested prototype. Once you have something tangible that people can see and use, the fundraising market opens up. Your idea becomes a solution, and that changes the psychology of investors. HaulHound is also fortunate enough to be a member of the Chicago Innovation Exchange (CIE), which is the University of Chicago’s new hub for innovation and business startup activities. I highly suggest applying to an innovation center as the costs are nominal and the benefits far outweigh them. It is a great way to access angel investors as well.